Welcome to the Wikito your advantage to scout your opponents and customize your fight plans for each opponent. You do not have to schedule bouts for your fighters -- bouts are scheduled automatically by the game server.Edit

All fights take place off-line -- you can check the results through fight reports. Fight reports are contained on your fighter's "Fights" history page, on the Results fight results page or you can use fighter links to create direct links to your fight reports and read them without knowing the results in advance.

The results include a blow-by-blow account of the fight and how the fight was scored. You do not have to be on-line when the fight takes place -- results are calculated using the fighters' abilities and the fight plans submitted by each manager.

Results of most fights are on-line and can be viewed with your web browser. There have been over 1,000,000 bouts between more than 100,000 fighters managed by over 60,000 players!

Fighters are ranked in each weight division and each region. Your goal is to push your fighter as far up the rankings as possible and, ultimately, to create a "World Champion".

Between bouts, managers are encouraged to role-play by issuing press releases, to start and reply to topics in the forums, use chat to converse live with other BDB players and to use their gym description to their own personal advantages of motivation and/or to tout their latest squad of regional and world champions.

You can play as a member or a guest. Some managers even make money by selling their fighters on E-Bay.

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